Rick Goetchius

     Rick is Erika's assistant. Before becoming her assistant he had always been a colleague as our go-to "concrete countertop guy" and we appreciated and enjoyed working with him in that capacity. In early 2016 Erika was on the hunt for an assistant. Rick to the rescue. Rick loves concrete, but he wanted to streamline his business and move toward artistry pieces like sinks and smaller goods. Taking the position at Urban Grace has afforded him the flexibility to shift his own business model- scaling down to focus on the artistry concrete pieces he's passionate about. 

     Rick has a quick-witted intelligence and understands that details are important to Erika. He studied Civil Engineering at Ohio State University before moving to Florida. He has previous design experience in both engineering and construction industries. Rick is a hard worker, an inspiring, humble, and kind man. When he's not working at Urban Grace, he can be found working in his own studio