Urban Grace Interiors was established as Erika Powell's response to the dichotomy she witnessed upon her arrival to Santa Rosa Beach--- years ago: in a time and place where new development was abundant, complementary design firms were lacking. 

     Erika saw a need for a full service design firm- one that came on board while the house was still a dream and ideas were yet on paper. Her recognition of this need led to Urban Grace Interiors. 

     Urban Grace has proven to be an asset not only to their clients but also to the architect and general contractor, as being involved from the onset of design, selections effortlessly fall into place, making the building and renovating processes seamless and efficient. Once the heart of the project takes structure, the visual aesthetics come into play and this is where clients begin to see their projects take shape through the details- tile, cabinetry, plumbing & light fixtures, appliances, and ultimately furnishings. Through the past twelve years Erika and her team at Urban Grace have developed a rapport with their clients, architects and builders that leaves not only a lasting impression but has built relationships that far outlast design projects. They often joke they can't archive any files because clients keep coming back for more... a good "problem" to have that's been remedied with a fancy large capacity computer server.

     Erika's talent and hard work have transformed Urban Grace into a recognizable brand. Her attention to detail, impeccable taste, knowledge and experience combine to create spaces that are seemingly effortless and memorable. Back when everyone was blogging Erika's web presence through the Urban Grace blog propelled the designer and her team into a national realm of work. "It took my design work from very local to very broad," Erika says. Not only has this expanded her brand, it has allowed her design experiences she would otherwise not have. During the blogging era, which coincided with the local BP oil spill that slowed down local development, the reach of the blog allowed Erika to work on out-of-town projects which meant exposure to architectural styles she otherwise would not be exposed to in her coastal hometown.

     The work of Urban Grace has been featured in House Beautiful, Coastal Living, Southern Living, Traditional Home, Vie magazine and the blog was included in the Washington Post's Top 10 design blogs in 2010 and in the San Francisco Chronicle. In 2012 Coastal Living magazine invited Erika to design their showhouse in Rosemary Beach, FL.  Images of the project can be seen under Coastal Living in the Publications tab above. Erika and her team together compose the perfect balance of talent, experience and diligence resulting in projects that leave clients singing their praise and anxious to work with them again.